Wednesday, 22. February 2023

GIFA/THERMPROCESS 2023 - 12.-16.06.2023

Visit us in Düsseldorf in June


Furnace specialists OTTO JUNKER and INDUGA shall present high-quality solutions for induction melting plants and thermoprocessing equipment on the GIFA / THERMPROCESS 2023 with a focus on energy efficiency and saving as well as the recycling process for all sorts of applications. Induction melting plants which do not emit CO2 during production and which will replace cupola furnaces and gas-fired furnaces will be presented. Also, we shall demonstrate how the energy consumption of a melting furnace can be reduced by means of modern equipment technology, charging and mode of operation. The possibilities of heat recovery and the use of power from additional photovoltaic systems will be explained by means of examples.

We will also show how well the induction furnace is suited for recycling processes due to its precisely adjustable bath movement. Examples of application, also in connection with a pyrolysis oven for organically contaminated scrap, will be demonstrated.

OTTO JUNKER offer a wide range of products in the thermoprocessing equipment field. Experts will be available on our booth to give advice and exchange ideas on high convection heating, gas-fired heating, electrical heating, induction heating, heat recovery and recycling technology.

Our Service Department will inform you about maintenance and modernization options of existing plants. R & D will present new developments in pyrolysis and battery recycling as well as the power-to-heat module for producing hot air of up to 1,000 °C for loading an energy store - a milestone in sustainable heat and energy storage covering all sectors.