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Altek Döküm relies on proven OTTO JUNKER quality

Strip degreasing, annealing and pickling line

Continuous strip treatment line DAP

Based in Istanbul in Turkey, the company Altek Döküm Hadde Mamulleri San.S. A. placed an order with OTTO JUNKER GmbH for a strip flotation furnace in December 2019. The furnace will be integrated into a continuous strip degreasing, annealing and pickling line for copper and copper alloys.

Altek Döküm has an extensive product portfolio that includes copper and copper alloy strips, sheets, washers, specialty alloyed products, coin blanks and cartridge case cups.

The company specializes in rolled products made of copper and copper alloys, and supplies its products to the electrical, electronics and automotive industries, as well as to the textile, sanitary systems, automation, construction, roofing & cladding and minting sectors.


For the expansion of its production facility, the company was looking for an innovative system that meets particularly high quality standards for strips. Altek Düküm therefore opted for technology from OTTO JUNKER.


The line is designed for strip widths between 300 and 460 mm and thicknesses ranging from 0.1 to 1.2 mm.

In the gas-heated 2VX-T strip flotation furnace, the metal strip is supported only by a cushion of protective atmosphere of nitrogen and hydrogen, without any mechanical contact, as it passes through the annealing and cooling sections.

The patented 2VX-T strip flotation furnace was developed in close cooperation with RWTH Aachen University. Its specified target characteristics were optimized using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and had been confirmed by previously supplied systems of this type:

  • High buoyancy and stable strip position
  • Uniform heat transfer across the strip width for consistently high product quality
  • Aerodynamic strip centering by means of patented centering nozzles
  • Long-life centrifugal fans for optimum efficiency
  • No feed-throughs from outside into plenum chambers

Please see the picutre below.

The plant also meets the highest standards in terms of CO2 savings. In addition to the typical features for minimizing energy losses, such as recuperative burners or optimum insulation, the furnace will be equipped with the OTTO JUNKER heat recovery system. With this system, up to 30% of the useful energy input is re-used to heat the rinsing baths.


Figure on left: Example of CFD analysis results

Figure on right: Example of FEM analysis results

[Source: OTTO JUNKER News, No. 23, April 2014]

Continuous strip treatment line DAP
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