Monday, 14. March 2016

Advanced Technology of Continuous Annealing Line for Aluminium Strips

JUNKER Symposium 2016 in Chengdu

Advanced Technology of Continuous Annealing Line for Aluminium Strips

Otto Junker Metallurgical Equipment (Shanghai) Ltd. (JMS), as the wholly-owned subsidiary of Otto Junker GmbH, is trying to get into a tradition to hold a symposium at the beginning of every year. 

The JMS Symposium 2016 was held on Jan. 13 in Chengdu Holiday Inn Oriental Plaza.

The topic of this year's symposium is "advanced Technology of Continuous Annealing Line for Aluminium Strips".  We intend to popularize floater technology and Otto Junker's advanced Quenching system this time.  In order to give our potential customers a complete concept, we also invited MINO to present an introduction of their products.  Mr. Cesare Pettazzi, the managing director of MINO, personally attended the symposium with his colleagues and gave animate lectures at the meeting.

More than 40 participants from 15 companies/potential customers attended the event.  Mr. Sebastian Maerz and Mr. Tobias Mertens made informative presentations during the conference.  All audiences showed a lively interest and had perfect interactions with OJ experts during Q & A time.

Mr. Neuhaus, deputy general manager of JMS, also took this opportunity to outline company structure, products and services as well as the prospects of development of JMS.

Obviously the on-site feedback of most participants were very positive and we can see there was quite a lot of synergy between Otto Junker and MINO.

We believe in progress through knowledge, development through research and innovations.  We believe that by creating communications with our potential customers through this kind of activities, we are building a solid foundation for the future in Chinese market.