Continuous strip treatment line for degreasing and pickling


Before heat-treatment in the furnace, the strip must be cleaned to remove the rolling oil or emulsion applied in the preceding rolling process. Referred to as "degreasing", this step is critically important for the quality of the annealed strip as even minor quantities of oil or emulsion residue may produce undesirable discoloration of the strip surface and hence, quality loss.


Pickling and passivating

After the annealing process the strip is pickled to remove any remaining oxide deposits from its surface. Depending on customer preferences, OTTO JUNKER offers both flush and spray pickling systems, both of which can be further customized to suit the application. The downstream finish-brushing machines create the customer-specific surface finish, using brushes with a fill material adapted to the given product. In order to avoid premature re-oxidation of the bare metal, the strip is passivated and dried in a spray chamber before it is wound into coils again.


Modular equipment technology

Owing to the modular design of its diverse equipment systems, OTTO JUNKER can adapt the degreasing and pickling process perfectly to each customer's strip production requirements:

  • high-pressure spray chambers
  • squeegee rolls with different rubber and nonwoven fabric linings
  • "light-duty" brushing machines for strip degreasing
  • "heavy-duty" brushing machines with two-sided shaft support
  • spray chambers for cold and hot rinsing
  • high-pressure edge blow-off
  • blow-out of stitched strip joints
  • hot air dryer
  • cascade operating modes for improved economy
  • acid-resistant steel housings for long lifetime
  • approved specialist company acc. to §62 and §63 of the German Water Management Act

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