Charging machines

Otto Junker chamber furnaces can be charged in different ways to meet specific user requirements. Depending on the place of installation and individual customer needs the furnaces are designed for front, front and rear or bottom loading. Available charging equipment includes:

  • Charging machine for loading at floor level:
    • Charge arrangement: on pallet, furnace car or just in a tray
    • Charge length: from 3 to 36 m
    • Load carrying capacity: up to well above a hundred tonnes
    • Drive motor: hydraulic or electric
    • Lifting: hydraulic or electric
    • Hot service: to one or both sides (charging machine can enter the hot furnace on both sides)
  •  Horizontal movement: Lifting table moves beneath furnaces for bottom loading.
    • Lifting and lowering: hydraulic or electric
    • Drive motor: hydraulic or electric
    • Footprint: minimum space required

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