Chamber furnaces and cooling chambers for heat treatment of aluminium strip coils

Strip coil furnaces are used in the cold-rolling bay for intermediate or final annealing and tempering of as-rolled strip, sheet stacks and slit strip. Strip produced by continuous roll casting is homogenized in a chamber furnace directly upon exiting the caster.


Process conditions:

  • Annealing under nitrogen/protective gas or air to prevent strip staining or oxidation.
  • Rapid heating and cooling within close temperature tolerances for short turnaround cycles.

Energy input devices such as burners, heater banks, furnace fans and cooling systems are precision controlled by intelligent furnace control features to optimize treatment conditions for the broad range of materials processed.

These furnaces are designed to accommodate multiple coils in one or two rows and on one or two tiers. In terms of installation, we distinguish between floor-standing furnaces and bottom loaded elevator furnaces.

Standard furnace package:

  • Heating system, nitrogen control system, protective atmosphere recooling system

Broad range of options covering diverse quality enhancement, environmental protection or energy saving requirements:

  • Thermal offgas incinerators
  • Protective gas preheating
  • Load thermocouples
  • Model-based control of furnace campaign

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