Quenching systems

HiPreQ(Trademark) - Quenching systems

In the case of special aluminium alloys, selective cooling of the metal may be required before and/or after the extrusion process in order to impart particular metallurgical properties to the material. Addressing this requirement, OTTO JUNKER has developed high-performance cooling systems for billets and extruded profiles which enable the user to apply reproducible, accurately controlled cooling rates. Given their precision control capabilities, our HiPreQTM systems far outperform conventional equipment.

HiPreQ(Trademark)-billet quench

  • Metallurgical effects permit a substantial increase in extrusion speed and optimize the metal quality
  • Separate control zones for an accurate temperature profile
  • Cooling programs can be created and executed in a reproducible manner ("teach-in")
  • Steplessly variable cooling output
  • Closed water circuit for low operating cost and eco-friendly operation
HiPreQTM - Billet quench

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